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3-Step Business Acquisition Process

Business Services Division
This is the Heart and Soul of the Company where the acquisitions are found, due diligence performed and investors sourced to provide the funds to purchase a target company.  Then either existing management and/or our young database of young entrepreneurs complete this acquisition team to grow the parent LD Holdings through a 3 Step process:

Keep existing database of target companies that meet company criteria up to date and continually source and locate new businesses for sale. This allows the Company to look for synergistic opportunities to combine one or more acquisition candidates at some future date. This database provides the Company with a historical perspective of different industries and distribution channels along with any type of geographical variation in the valuation of businesses. Much like the residential housing market where sellers hesitate to reduce their asking price only to find themselves “chasing the market lower” as transactional prices steadily decline, people tend to remember the past worth of their asset not what the asset and terms of sale are in the current market environment.

LD Holding’s general guidelines for acquisitions:

The Business Services Division maintains a database of entrepreneurs with specific backgrounds and expertise that will be available for both acquisition evaluation and strategizing the post-acquisition business model, once the financial aspects of the transaction are determined.  Particular attention will be given to developing relationships with those entrepreneurs and managers that want a career opportunity to perform in a results-driven environment, which has the associated incentives in place to create personal wealth for them and above average returns for the company’s stockholders.

The Business Services Division also maintains an ongoing database of investors that share the company’s vision and objectives. The company is searching for long-term investors who are willing to hold their positions for at least a year, desirous of superior rates of return and looking for ground floor opportunities.  

Nanocapnation.com, an affiliated website, serves as the focal point to develop financing centered on a qualified and screened database of 1,500 accredited investors (Angels and Institutions) and 1,500 non-accredited investors that will be given the first opportunity to participate in any new registered offerings from the Company, i.e. Initial Public Offerings, Direct Public Offerings, or Secondary Offerings.

All forms of marketing will be used to introduce LD Holding’s, Inc. to the investment community including specific financial related type groups. Affiliated websites, nanocapnation.com and nanocapglobal.com, will serve as the administrative organization as the Company is aggressively seeking national and international capital.

Business Holding Division
The Business Holding Division of LD Holdings is responsible for the operational side of running the various acquisitions of the Company.  All of the corporate talent in the various areas of expertise will be utilized in helping oversee the Management of the companies.