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About Us

LD Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: LDHL) located in Northwest Ohio is a Financial and Management Holding Company that has identified a significant business opportunity regarding the largest demographic group in America representing 78 Million Americans born between 1946 and 1964 known as the Baby Boomers! You will have the opportunity to purchase stock in LD Holdings that intends to attempt fill a void in the small business world regarding the sale and transfer of businesses from Boomer owners to the next generation.

Historically Business sellers didn’t want to provide financing to the Prospective Buyer. Unfortunately today these types of transactions are normally too large for most individuals, too risky for banks who now have new regulations and too small for most institutional type investors. Our business model seeks to capitalize on this massive transfer of generational assets, as the Boomers transition from ownership of small businesses into retirement having to accept values below their true market value just to get the business sold. LD Holdings is focusing on companies of $25 million in revenue or less.

Currently there are over 25 million small businesses in the United States worth over $17 trillion that will be sold over the next 15-20 years creating wealth generation opportunities.  LD Holdings will become a “Known Buyer” of Boomer businesses and the key to this business model is quite simple. The Company will acquire established profitable companies with existing management and personnel, brand equity, customers and cash flow at discounted prices and will then attempt to produce Venture Capital type returns without Venture Capital risks of a Start-Up Company.

The 5-7 year plan is to accumulate at least 50 of these small companies and to meld them into cohesive business units whenever possible. Using a conservative $10 million of revenues as an average, this will result in consolidated total revenues of $500 million over that priod of time.

The Company will be aggressively using the Internet and various major investor groups to find Angel Investors that are looking for a higher than normal rate of return to provide the capital while the search for these business acquisitions is being conducted. The Company will emphasize that it’s looking for long-term investors who are willing to hold their positions for at least a year to maximize results and minimize individual tax costs.

LD Holdings is a Financial and Management Holding Company has two operating divisions. There is the Business Services Division that includes the buyers, managers and investors of the prospective companies and the Business Operating Division that will manage the portfolio of companies that LD Holdings will have varying percentages of ownership.  At the Corporate level will be the support professionals that will be needed in various capacities by all of the acquisitions.

LD Holdings Corporate Schematic